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Experience the tranquility of yoga amidst nature's beauty

We are happy to announce that MAYI has successfully completed the Instructors Continuous Education (ICE) programme trained by Master Manisekaran Yoga on Saturday, 26th March 2022.

Congratulations to all graduates who attended the programme in-studio and online. View graduation photos here. We wish you the best in your future endeavors. We are eagerly looking forward to an exciting journey with batch 2 in 2024

Beginner Hatha Pranayama (Breath Works) & Mindfulness (Dhyana) with Master Manisekaran

The most basic part of yoga—the first, most important building block—is the breath. We breathe in for extending motions, out for compressing motions, and we let our breath be the internal energetic manifestation of our outward physical movements. You can reap the benefits of this newfound knowledge right away and use mindfulness and pranayama techniques for a razor-sharp mind.

Coming Soon!
Thursday: 7:00pm – 8:15pm

Venue: MAYI Infinity
To register:
03-2282 4980 / 03-2260 5322 or 010-247 1296 (whatsapp)

Open Level Hatha Yoga with Master Manisekaran

All levels of practitioners are welcome to enjoy Original Body Mind Legendary Hatha Yoga at its purest. Hatha Yoga is the Original mind-body training taught by the ancient yogis.

Tuesday: 7:00pm – 8:15pm
Saturday: 9:00am – 10:15am

Venue: MAYI Bangsar
To register:
03-2282 4980 / 03-2260 5322 or 010-247 1296 (whatsapp)

Yoga Teaching Certification. Check If yours is valid.

The best yoga certification is the one that meets your needs, provides the fundamental knowledge you need as a teacher to lead others, and will help you land a job or start a successful, independent business.

Before you begin any coursework to become a certified yoga instructor, take the time to fully understand the information below.

According to the Education Act 1996 – Act 550 (Malaysia):
Section 77: (1) No private educational institution shall conduct any course of study or training programme jointly, in an association, affiliation or collaboration or otherwise, with a university or institution of higher education or other educational institution or organisation within or outside Malaysia, except with the approval in writing of the Minister.

Section 79: All educational institutions to be registered

Meet MAYI Trainers

They are highly qualified and trained in their areas

Master Manisekaran

Manisekaran is the Founder and Managing Director of the MAYI Group of Companies. He is also the founder of the Malaysian Yoga Society (MYS) and the Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors (MAYI), has 35 years of experience in yoga, and is one of the world’s leading exponents of yoga. Read more…



Ms. Kasturi Vadivelu is a trained and certified Ayurvedic massage therapist and instructor. She received her Ayurveda Therapist Course certification in 2013 and she also completed a Yoga Therapist certification course in 2015 under MAYI YOGA ACADEMY. Read more…



Ms. Sumathi (Sumi) is a certified yoga instructor under MAYI YOGA ACADEMY. She received her International Yoga Instructor’s Course certification in 2006 and this further ignited her passion for Yoga, leading her to participate in many more courses. Read more…

Mei Wan

Meiwan has been involved in the teaching and training field since 2001. She ventured into specialisation courses such as Kids Yoga, Pre-Natal Yoga, Yoga Therapy, and Ayurveda as she progresses as a certified yoga instructor. Read more…


Experienced and passionate Yoga Instructor with over fifteen years of teaching experience and a social entrepreneur, Ms. Mona is committed to providing extensive instruction and counseling to her students. Read more…


Realising there are more specific needs to Yoga, she continued her learning to equip herself with knowledge in other fields of Yoga for children, pregnancy, pranayama, dhyana, Ayurveda, and yoga therapy. Read more…


Joti Chugani has been involved in training, coaching, and counseling for more than 12 years with the intention of subtly improving lifestyle challenges, productivity, and the performance of people. Read more…



An enthusiastic yoga and kriya practitioner, yoga instructor – for kids, teens, and adults, yoga therapist, Ayurveda therapist, pregnancy yoga instructor, pranayama & meditation instructor, wellness consultant, and a trainer for the certification courses conducted by MAYI Yoga Academy. Read more…



Being so passionate about the teachings of yoga and its scientific philosophy, Chandra pursued specialized courses such as pregnancy yoga, pranayama (breathing techniques), and dhyana (meditation) at MAYI under the tutelage of her renowned guru, Master Mani. Read more…

A posture becomes
a point of transformation when it is merged with the flow of the life force.
Grass grows, flowers blossom, roots spread, trees bear fruits — such is the nature of life. It goes on incessantly and nothing can obstruct it.
Life is the most enjoyable when the mind is controlled while being aware of breath and movement, and enjoy the most beautiful experience of being aware in the present moment.
The life, as it is, becomes a stepping stone for enlightenment, for practical realists.
The beauty of life can be experienced in and through yoga when we surrender...