How long must I have been practising yoga before I can enrol in a Yoga Instructor Certification Course?

Since we have 3 levels beginning from foundation one can begin as a complete beginner and be coached to level one foundation. This will open up a new awareness of the potential to teach and explore further levels.

I have been practising yoga extensively for 5 years and I’m able to perform all the asanas. I believe I can instruct and hold a class independently. Is it necessary for me to obtain a certification in order to teach?

Practicing and teaching are worlds apart. It is not only obtaining a certification but getting expert coaching in the art of teaching yoga successfully.

I’m in my 40s and am considering becoming a Yoga Instructor. Am I too old to start?

Yoga is for all ages. One is never too old for yoga as we can always teach our age group plus even younger persons as they will always admire the wisdom and life experience of a matured instructor.

Must I be a vegetarian when I’m attending the yoga training course/s?

Not at all. You choose what and how you want your lifestyle to be including dietary choices. Yoga will, over a period of time, allow you to intuitively feel what is right for your good health and clear mind eventually.

Some yoga schools offer Yoga Instructor Certification Courses at different levels. Can I start teaching after completing only the Foundation Level?

Sure can. Level 1 or foundation will equip you with full capacity to handle beginner classes confidently and effectively.

I have earned a certificate in teaching. However, there are some asanas which I’m unable to perform. Must I be able to perform all asanas perfectly before I start teaching?

There are so many asanas that you will always be able to choose those which are instructors friendly. However, if you feel you want to teach a particular asana and can’t perform it to your satisfaction, then you can always use a suitable variation.

How much will I be paid for teaching yoga?

It all depends on the studios which you teach. Please consult them clearly before you begin.

Do I have to adjust the postures of the students in the class?

It depends on the style and class type, this information will be relayed in the instructor training course.

Do I have to memorise all the Sanskrit terms and use them in the class?

It’s not necessary.

What are the other important (non-Yoga) topics which are essential for a Yoga Instructor?

There are many subject matters, such as ethics, injury prevention, diet, lifestyle improvements, etc., These will be discussed during the instructor training course as well.

Students would like to meet up with me out the class. Is this allowed?

All are adults and there are standard processes in society that governs the adult relationship. If the meeting is related to the learning it should not be an issue, however, if there are any other emotions involved that could affect the learning process in a negative manner, then it is best for this to be avoided.

My student is pregnant and would like to continue attending my general asana class. Is this permissible?

She needs to consult with her doctor.

I have students who stated that they have high blood pressure. Is it safe for them to perform all the asanas taught in class? If not, what I can recommend to them?

This knowledge will be imparted during the course.

Some students requested for all forms of ventilation to be switched off when the yoga class is in session because they want to sweat it out. Is this fine?

The structure and manner of teaching style and class description will determine what needs to be done, etc.