Ms. Sumathi (Sumi) is a certified yoga instructor under MAYI YOGA ACADEMY. She received her International Yoga Instructor’s Course certification in 2006 and this further ignited her passion for Yoga, leading her to participate in many more courses.

Sumi attended, completed, and was awarded the Super Yoga Kids Instructor’s Course certification in 2008. Since then, she has been teaching toddlers, children, and teenagers Yoga. Her classes are packed with fun and valuable life lessons.
In 2010, Sumi took interest in becoming a Prenatal Yoga Instructor. Her journey with Prenatal Yoga under MAYI started after she attended the pre-and post-natal yoga training in Singapore.

Upon completion, Sumi then co-developed the Pregnancy Yoga Course syllabus for MAYI and took the position as the lead Pregnancy Yoga Course and Pregnancy Yoga Instructor’s Course trainer.

Sumi is currently managing all MAYI HQ centers with extreme passion and care. She is also actively teaching the Pregnancy Yoga Instructor’s Course. Many of her students are now successfully teaching pregnant mothers and are spreading the knowledge of Yoga to many parts of the world.