Ms. Kasturi Vadivelu is a trained and certified Ayurvedic massage therapist and instructor. She received her Ayurveda Therapist Course certification in 2013 and she also completed a Yoga Therapist certification course in 2015 under MAYI YOGA ACADEMY.

Ms. Kasturi vadivelu is a Physiotherapy by profession. Kasturi decided to venture into Yoga while practicing as a physiotherapist for eight years. This is because she realized that the practice of physiotherapy seemed to be more effective when coupled with the teachings of Yoga. She reached this realisation after attending Yoga classes taught by Master Manisekaran.

Through the continuous efforts to improve herself, Kasturi started believing that Yoga and Ayurveda were some of the most beneficial practices, both mentally and physically. This made her venture into Yoga Therapy. Kasturi is now a certified Yoga therapist as well and coaches individuals who require natural yoga therapy.

As Kasturi kept practicing and gaining experience, she decided to become an instructor of the Ayurveda Therapist Course in MAYI. With her expertise and care, along with MAYI’s valuable syllabus, she has successfully imparted her knowledge to and trained many individuals and therapists. A large number of her students are now Ayurvedic massage therapists and some have even set up their own Ayurvedic massage centers.