Meera’s yoga journey started more than a decade ago under the guidance of MAYI’s (Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructor) founder, Master Manisekaran. After completing her Yoga Instructors Certification, she immediately begins her Yoga teaching. Realising there are more specific needs to Yoga, she continued her learning to equip herself with knowledge in other fields of Yoga for children, pregnancy, pranayama, dhyana, Ayurveda, and yoga therapy. MAYI Yoga Academy has been her Yoga School of choice due to the authentic and classical teaching methodology.

With relevant knowledge and spirit of bringing lifestyle goodness to others, Meera has been teaching various types of classes for adults, pregnant mothers, children, and senior citizens. She also conducts corporate classes organised by companies for their staff as a part of work-life balance. She is also experienced in organising Yoga Retreats, School Holiday Kids Camps, and Detox Workshops.

Meera is also an experienced trainer for the Instructor’s courses conducted by MAYI Academy. Her unique teaching method helps beginners to become confident and competent Yoga instructors.

Meera’s aim is to bring the benefits of Yoga in its authentic and holistic style to all. She strongly believes, allocating some time to practice yoga consistently, brings a balance to physical, mental, and emotional health.