Holiday Camp at Yoga Home

The Yoga Home, in top-notch condition, is situated in a serene surrounding in BatuArang, is an ideal location for yoga training and retreat. Open to members of the Malaysian Yoga Society and its affiliates, the Yoga Home can be used for all kinds of yoga-related programmes and functions — for a certain fee that would cover the utility costs and lodging.

The home itself can accommodate up to 30 people at any one time, and it has a vast surrounding area that can be used for the setting up of tents for programmes that need lodging for up to 100 people. It is adequately facilitated with proper lodging, cooking and bathing facilities.

In the year 2011, when MYS held the“Learn to Teach, Teach to Learn” programme at SJK (C) Chap Kuan in BatuArang, some of the students, especially those who had come from far, had the opportunity to make use of the home for lodging purposes. Past programmes by MYS here include Yoga Retreats and yoga camps for teenage students. It provides a fantastic place for team-building, family gathering and soul searching for MYS members, besides being an ideal location for other yoga programmes for local and overseas participants in the future.

For all these purposes and also for children’s training and building programmes, especially those from a poor background, the Yoga Home serves as a valuable asset to MYS, its members and students.

During the school holidays in Dec 2008, we decided to organise a Holiday Camp for a group of students whom we have been coaching – the B2 Youth group of Desa Mentari. The Yoga Home in Batu Arang was the perfect location for this group of high density, flat dwelling young participants –as it was away from the city, closer to nature with plenty of space for indoor and outdoor activities. While enjoying the programme lined up for them, these young city folk also got to experience the easy-going pace of a small town with cows being herded along the small countryside roads.

Thank you, Malaysian Yoga Society, for granting us permission to run the camp at the serene Yoga Home!
– Surya Tay, Yoga Instructor