Joti Chugani has been involved in training, coaching, and counseling for more than 12 years with the intention of subtly improving lifestyle challenges, productivity, and the performance of people. Prior to becoming a freelance trainer, she has worked in various hospitality and healthcare industries and is an HRDF registered trainer.

Joti is a trained leader working in the field of accelerated human change, helping individuals to be able to speak and express themselves with confidence especially in the English language and of Dynamic Living using all aspects of the ancient sciences of Yoga for a holistic physical & mental health; improving productivity through better concentration and dynamism as well as through a paradigm shift in mindsets.

A pioneer graduate of MAYI Yoga Academy, she is a master trainer for Train the Trainer – in all aspects of the ancient Yogic sciences. A coach in holistic health armed with ancient and time-tested Yoga and Ayurveda techniques. She approaches each student and/or groups of students in unique ways to custom suit the techniques and approaches effectively according to individual uniqueness. Her fun filled classes and experience sharing during structured lessons are well received.

Professionally, Joti is a Certified Yoga Teacher/Instructor in all the different aspects of the ancient Yogic sciences which includes physical body, breathwork and mindfulness.

Joti uses accelerated and experiential teaching and coaching techniques in all her sessions which results in noticeable and effective positive outcome.
Her passion is to inspire individuals and transform self-imposed restrictive boundaries into enhanced self-development experiences. She is a highly-charged and energetic teacher / coach / trainer.