Pregnancy Yoga Instructor Course

our gift for mothers-to-be: Make pregnancy and childbirth a pleasing experience

Learn specialised interactive and therapeutic techniques to help mothers-to-be go through pregnancy and meet their crucial moment at the delivery ward with a clear mind, positive outlook, total confidence, dexterity and super inner as well as outer strength.

Dealing with pregnant women is like walking the razor’s edge. We need to execute caution and apply only appropriate movements and postures suitable for each unique case, depending on the mother’s health, psychological condition, stress level, emotional balance, etc. 
Utmost care and compassion has to be exercised at all times throughout the pregnancy period, up to a safe childbirth. 

According to doctors, the pain of childbirth is equivalent to breaking 20 bones simultaneously. One in seven women is said to habour negative feelings about childbirth. 
We all know of  women who have been jittery about labour pain or the process of giving birth.

Extreme fear of pregnancy/childbirth, or tokophobia, can land a mother and her offspring in an intense and damaging situation. Many opt for Caesarean sections due to this fear.

Imagine if you are in a position to help these mothers-to-be strengthen their resolve, ease their stress, alleviate their anxiety, relieve their pain, breath completely, have a very positive outlook and prepare them physically and mentally to have a celebrated childbirth.

It’s a hallowed experience for both teacher and student.

And it’s possible with our Pregnancy Yoga Instructor Course. 
We equip you with the tools and the knowledge to handle these women with the tender, loving, caring ways that they deserve.

Make the experience of pregnancy as beautiful as the relationship between a mother and baby is. Learn the highly effective skills to help moms-to-be focus on safe childbirth, relax, become stronger and have a great bonding with their unborn child. Learn to coach them all the way while nurturing the baby in the womb.

It’s a niche market with huge potential.

what you will learn:

• Overview and general understanding of pregnancy flow.
• General guidelines of yoga practices in pregnancy.
• Yoga asana for pregnancy.
• Yoga for the different stages of development.
• Pranayama (breathing techniques) during pregnancy.
• Relaxation and positive visualizations during pregnancy.
• Living well during pregnancy, labour & beyond.
• How to practice safety in pregnancy
• Pain management during labour
• Yoga for the delivery room
• Nutritional facts
• Anatomy and physiology of the pregnant body

Who should attend :

• Yoga instructors.
• Midwives.
• Ladies who are planning to have a family.
• Anyone interested in becoming pregnancy yoga instructor


“I find the course syllabus very informative and thorough as it covers everything from ante-natal to post-natal (even during labour as well!). There is so much to learn and the course was presented in an easy-to-understand manner. It definitely helps me in my profession as a midwife.” – Stephanie chan


“I decided to further my development as a yoga teacher by enrolling in Pregnancy Yoga Instructor Course (PYIC) as the certification woud widen my opportunity to conduct yoga lessons which are not just the conventional. Through the experience of teaching Pregnancy Yoga, I am reminded that pregnancy is a unique process for each woman. There is a new sharpening of my alertness and awareness when managing a Pregnancy Yoga group class and so much more skills to develop as a yoga teacher. I just love the continuation of learning more and more!

A deep sense of satisfaction comes to me easily in witnessing the progress of each pregnant student through the stages of carrying her baby, the closeness with each other during group sharing in class and applying the knowledge gained from PYIC training to guide each of them.

Both new and experienced yoga students are very cautious during pregnancy especially with the many taboos in our Asian culture on do’s and don’ts. Many also have the challenge of adapting to physiological changes due to hormaonal changes. There are some students who find themselves unusually stiff after becoming pregnant. I am glad to be able to coach and boost the confidence of these ladies by showing them safe ways to create more room for their baby while practicing yoga and creating a session that is comfortable and enjoyable all the way towards delivery. The improved circulation, flexibility and toning help relieve tensions, aches and tiredness and they always feel more balanced and energized after each practice” – Vivien Teoh


“Many women discover yoga when they are pregnant. I started yoga when I was 5 months pregnant with my frst son 7 years ago. Since I was new to yoga, it only took simple asanas, pranayama and meditation to feel completely relaxed and calm.

It was yoga all the way for me thereafter. So when I eas expecting my second son, it was only natural for me to dwell deeper into the works of pre-natal yoga. I felt this intense need to learn and teach pregnancy yoga. And what better way to experience it than when I am pregnant.

Pragnancy is a very important and delicate time for expectant mothers, pre-natal yoga is not only about fitness but guiding and caring for expectant mothers through 3 trimesters in a positive and loving environment. Hence allowing mother and baby to feel calm, centred, relaxed, cheerful and great looking!” – Subashini Nair

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