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International Yoga Instructor Course

Learn Authentic Yoga from the Real Yoga Experts.

Yoga is for everyone. But can anyone teach? Is there an instructor in you? 
Are you passionate about becoming a professional yoga instructor? Or are you just too busy to find out?

With this in mind, the International Yoga Instructor Course (IYIC) was specifically designed based on a few decades of indepth study into the science and art of teaching yoga. Empower yourself with our exclusive and unique approach to teaching yoga. Get the techniques correct and deliver them with utmost confidence, care and professionalism.

Step into IYIC for a promising career as a yoga instructor. There’s a world of difference in teaching yoga and learning to teach with utmost clarity, skill and confidence. Please ensure you receive certifications from Ministry of Education approved sources to maintain the standardization and quality in all teachings including yoga. As per the Ministry Of Education Act :

According to the Education Act 1996 (Act 550)
 Section 77:
(1) No private educational institution shall conduct any course of study or training programme jointly, 
in association, affiliation or collaboration or otherwise, with a university or institution of higher education 
or other educational institution or organisation within or outside Malaysia, except with the approval in writing of the Minister.

Section 79: All educational institutions to be registered

Section 103: Prohibition to teach
(1) Subject to subsection 
(2) no person shall teach in an educational institution unless he is registered as a teacher under this Act.

Be a yoga instructor extraordinaire with an elegance of your own.

f you’re eager to create a significant change in your working life, IYIC is here to assist you. Equip yourself with the highly effective IYIC teaching skills and expertise that will empower you to make the positive career change you have always dreamed about.
If you’re already teaching yoga, sharpen your skills at IYIC. Learn the right techniques of doing the asanas, how to teach them correctly to avoid injuries, how to modify the asanas according to the students’ needs and how to express yourself better.
You will also learn how to effectively teach the philosophies and traditions of yoga.
Understand the scientific background of yoga and learn to teach with accuracy, intensity and depth.
We don’t expect you to have prior knowledge of yoga to begin your wonderful journey with IYIC.
The course is divided into three levels:
• Foundation
• Intermediate
• Advanced
To complete each level, you need to finish 150 hours of yoga classes

What You Can Expect

IYIC bases its success on personalised training and hands-on approach that nurture the confidence of budding teachers.

• Learn how to make the class lively, fun-filled, interesting, meaningful and promising.
• The accelerated methods taught at IYIC enables one to be fully equipped and independent in conducting classes.
• For existing teachers, it deepens the meaning of yoga, yogic principles and the practices.
• It opens the mind to the fullest potential of teaching.
• It creates a favourable environment of growth for both teacher and students.
• New skills, deeper knowledge, detailed training.

WHY US? Trusted Foundation

Graduating from MAYI will prepare you with the necessary skills and certification to teach yoga. We are recognised by all legitimate world bodies. 
Moreover, we are the ONLY institute: 
– Registered with the Ministry of Education; 
– Endorsed by the Malaysia Yoga Society (MYS); 
– Certified by the Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors; and 
– Certified Training Centre by the Ministry of Human Resources 

Benefits :
1. Profound Personal Growth
• Powerful inner discovery- know your true potential and expand your horizons
• Be dynamic- in action and thought. Have the ability to think out of the box
• Excellent communication skills- present yourself and your ideas astoundingly. 
• Start earning the way you want to – fun environment , rewarding career and great income
• Feel more energetic- increase your endurance and flexibility; move as your body desires

2. Lifetime Knowledge
• Become aware of the inner structure of your body – Know how you can use asanas to prevent diseases
• Be able to help friends and students with medical conditions
• Expand your consciousness- embody the combination of wisdom and compassion
• Engage in wide ranging aspects and levels of yoga- deepen your prospects in yoga
• Understanding of Yoga, the ancient way- union of body, mind and soul

3. Ingrain Confident teaching skills
• Receive personal coaching for precision and accuracy in practice
• Have the hands-on approach (up to 450 hrs practical sessions)- allow your teaching to initiate from your core experience
• Enjoy group practice teaching and discover your own personal teaching style
• Be well equipped to teach anyone from any group, anywhere
• Understand corporate business practices and yoga ethics- Become a professional instructor.

IYIC is a 3 level comprehensive course divided into:

• Foundation (150hrs)
• Intermediate (150hrs) 
• Advanced (150hrs)

You have 3 different types of classes that you may choose from: 

• Fulltime (5days)  
• Semi-intensive (Once a week- 6 hours for 5 weeks) 
• Part-time (Once a week-2 ½ hours for 12 weeks)

For each level, participants will get specialised training on various techniques, which include:
• Introduction of Yoga Philosophy  
• Pranayama/Breathing Techniques 
• Teaching Methodologies 
  (preparation and dissemination of teaching, effective communication skills, lesson planning, preparation of lesson portfolios, etc) 
• Asanas/postures (More than 100 postures per level)
• Anatomy and physiology 
• Shatkarma/Cleansing Techniques
• Inner clarity/mind management.


” Yoga is very popular and common in Australia with many different teaching styles in the market. It is very encouraging that after attending a class, many students have asked me about my teaching style and where I received my training. They are pleasantly surprised to find out that I was trained in Malaysia and not in India.

Australia is also very stringent about having local qualifications and certifications. I have taught at 6 different community centres, a physiotherapy clinic, a secondary school, the Taekwando squad for Victoria, private classes at Isika Spa at Crown Metropole Hotel, Lululemon Stores and workplace yoga at various corporations including the Institute of Neuroscience at Melbourne University as well as my own private and group classes. I have never encountered any issue with my IYIC qualification. I have now been happily teaching and practising yoga in Melbourne for the past 4 years.

I am eternally grounded with gratitude for all the training I have received from Master Mani and the trainers of IYIC. Every time I return to Malaysia, I look forward to attending as many classes as I can with Master Mani- for inspiration, guidance and to evolve my teaching skills. ” – Nalini Singam (Australia)

” I started to learn yoga when I was 13 and it was my mom who encouraged me to join the Super Yoga Kids program. Initially I joined because of my mother but as the months went by, I began to enjoy seeing my own progress with the asanas (yoga postures). Besides having a better knowledge of my strength and flexibility, I have also become calmer through yoga.

After graduating from Super Yoga Kids, I continued my yoga training with Master Mani and learned Kriya Yoga, which to me are mental practices that highly benefit disciplined individuals. I have also since completed the IYIC Level 1. The good news is I’ll be teaching yoga next semester. Our yoga style is so much different that the Health Center Coordinator wants me to teach the yoga classes. Those in the campus are more like fitness classes. Thank you mom, for sending me to yoga classes. This job can really beef up my resume and help me make some friends as well. ”  – Nigel, Now Attending Drake University At Des Moines, USA

” The IYIC has taught me that yoga is a mind-body science. It has helped me manage my emotions, deepen my self-understanding, enhance my leadership skills and guided me to a more disciplined lifestyle. It has also given me a skin that is glowing and radiant! Teaching full time and running a yoga centre is a very meaningful experience for me.  – Neha Koh

“Acquiring ancient wisdom through a master yoga teacher is the best investment in one’s life.
It’s important for us to be prepared by understanding the true benefits of yoga as we do not know when we will need it. I have been teaching yoga classes for 2 years and it speaks volume When you are certified! And the learning doesn’t end here… I have now also completed my Yoga Therapist Certification at Yoga franchise..” – Lim P-Tong

“What I really liked about IYIC is that we were taught how to penetrate asana deeper,understanding how to go beyond our ” body memory” limitations and even touched on own personality development of sort.
 We learned to be non-judgmental and compassionate when teaching. At the completion of the course, we took home priceless knowledge and some wonderful friendship.” – Ranjini Arumugam

“After joining the weekly yoga foundation classes, I decided to go further with IYIC. I realise now how IYIC is much more than physical exercise. It is a deep and rich science that requires knowledge and patience” – Anabelle Presa

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