Mayi Yoga Camp 2019

MYS National Yoga Camp


The National Yoga Camp is a project organised and sponsored by the Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors (MAYI).

Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors (MAYI) is a non-governmental organisation, registered under the Societies Act of Malaysia.

MAYI has always been a vision of its founder, Master Mani Sekaran, who is a leading yoga master with more than 20 years of experience in the ancient science of life. Being a health-oriented humanitarian organization, MAYI intents of bringing yoga to all – primarily the impoverished, unfortunate and underprivileged members of the society. It is a non-sectarian in nature, purely in pursuit of creating awareness and understanding of Yoga, as a science of holistic self-development for individuals in society.

We believe in sharing this wonderful gift of yoga with people from all layers of the society, regardless of race, religion, gender or financial standing, primarily to school students – the next generation. ‘National Yoga Camp’ was born as part of the objective to bring greater awareness about Yoga and the benefits to school students, started in the year 2012 and now it is continuously conducted every year at various locations.

Breathing Techniques

Yoga Camp – Core Components

Yoga Camp is a meticulously compiled training. It is 5 days programme, based on a complete Yoga syllabus, such as Yama (restraint) and Niyama (observance) for individual personality development, Yoga Asanas (postures), benefits of Yoga, Shatkarmas techniques (cleansing), Pranayama (breathing), Dharana (concentration) and Dhyana (meditation), for the participants to benefited with increasing awareness about the deep realities of Yoga and its power to transform one’s life.

Master Manisekaran

Personality Development (Yama and Niyama)
Learning’s from Yama (restraints) and Niyama (observances) values; build inner strength, how to love and respect oneself and others, how to be in harmony with friends, teachers and family, how to differentiate between good and bad, how to prevent from getting into bad company and avoid bad habits.


Cleansing Techniques (Shatkarmas)
Purification of body; balancing and activation of the vital systems in the body like the digestive, respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems; cleansing of outer and inner organs like the food pipe, stomach, colon, eyes, lungs and ears; to reduce toxin, prevent and manage discomforts and diseases like asthma, cold, gastritis and fever. 

Breathing Techniques

Breathing Techniques (Pranayama)
Promotes mental stability and steadiness; sends energy to internal organs to keep the organs healthy and to prevent diseases; increases energy, vitality and stamina.