Yoga Therapist Certification Course (YTCC)

Yoga Therapy Certification Course (YTCC) is a complete and systematic yoga course that teaches yoga applications for various ailments to help ourselves as well as others improve on specific health conditions.

It is composed of a 80-hour training programme (Approved by Ministry of Education,Malaysia) and provides thorough theoretical and practical sessions with interesting role plays, creative modifications, real client consultations and yoga sessions. You will learn yoga applications with comprehensive illustrations, how to identify root cause of a problem, step wise management in using yoga to manage common ailments.

Yogic philosophy of health
Yogic Anatomy and Physiology
Different types of body constitution, its functions and the importance of balancing it
Useful Natural herbs and home remedies in combating common diseases
Science of Mudras in healing
Diet, food types and lifestyle and their relation to diseases.
Yogic management and prevention of various systems disorders
  • Adapting and applying yogic therapy tools to individual needs,including asana, shatkarma, pranayama, and relaxation techniques
  • Guidance on choosing different asana for different diseases
  • Proper usage of props for various health conditions
  • Importance of precision and alignment in restoring health
Basic anatomy and physiology of the human systems.
Different systems in the body and its normal functions
Common medical conditions and overview of modern medical treatments
X – ray reading skills and clinical blood results interpretations
Insight of physiotherapy and its role in Yoga Therapy
History taking, documentation and consultation skills
Yoga therapy regimen planning and execution
Consultation practical session with patient

Why should we encourage Yoga Therapy as a treatment approach?

  • It is drug free ,safe and promotes to tap into individual self – healing potential.
  • It intervenes at physical,psychological and emotional layers providing holistic healing.
  • Yoga therapy regimens are targeted to treat root cause and can be practiced alongside other treatments.
  • Supportive tools are used with therapeutic technique to deliver the desired effects efficiently and to boost client’s confidence.
  • It can be preventive, curative and complementary in its approach.
  • It offers gentle teachings to client with take home techniques which provides long lasting results.
  • Techniques are adapted according to individual need without compromising the originality embedded within each componen

Why should you become a Yoga Therapist?

Becoming a Yoga Therapist is a unique journey of experiencing and unfolding the life ahead.Here are some of the reasons why becoming a Yoga Therapist is one of the best decisions you can offer yourself:

  • The doorway to unlimited and never ending learning curve

Meeting people from various walks of life offers a great learning opportunity regarding different life styles,spectrum of challenges people face in various industries,health issues that commonly surface based on profession, psychological impacts on health and much more.The therapist can constantly improve on the techniques used and enhance the quality of therapy to match clients need from each feedback.The art of communication,observational skills and public relations are also greatly enhanced which helps to build better relationship with your clients.

  • Helps you understand your true potential and attain greater clarity in life.

Becoming a therapist means you prioritize your self practices in order to deliver the best and share life time experiences with your clients.The emphasis of self practice as a Yoga Therapist is high and this enables you to not just understand your mind,body and emotion but rather gain mastery over it.The inner healing potential is opened as the therapist dwells deeper in the line of service and healing.Inevitably all physical ailments and emotional sufferings will be removed from within allowing you to shine bright and spread positive vibrations where ever you are.

  • High job satisfaction

As a yoga therapist, you play the dual role of a teacher and healer all at once.There is nothing better in life than experiencing deep satisfaction from the job you do.Satisfactions arise as a result of witnessing clients improve tremendously from each therapy is immeasurable.Their improvements works to motivate you to deliver even more each time.

  • Substantial income

Yoga therapy industry is rampantly growing and its role in integrative healing is undeniable.Exposure on the hazards of external chemicals on the body in the long term has created a mass awareness on the need of taking charge of ones health in the most natural and holistic way. The importance of playing active role in combating disease by participating in a physical exercise or therapy has encouraged mass population to consider yoga therapy to heal themselves.Hence the source of potential income is vast and can only grow in time to come.

  • Become the healer of the family

Becoming a certified Yoga Therapist makes you rather popular among your circle of family and friends.You play an active role in spreading awareness on right way of living and healing.Building a close bond with your loved ones only adds to the joy of this profession.

Who should consider our programme to further enhance their career?

  • Professionals in nursing and health-care industry
  • (Doctors/Nurses/Occupational therapist/Physiotherapist/Gym trainers/Physical therapist and others)
  • Professionals who attend to children with special needs
  • Professionals working with the disabled group of people and tending to the special needs of the community
  • People who care for the elderly and in-firmed in orphanages and old folks home
  • School teachers
  • Yoga instructors who wants to specialize in therapeutic healing
  • Novices interested in understanding yoga as a form of therapy

Why must you consider YTCC at MAYI Yoga Academy

  • Approved by Ministry of Education,Malaysia
  • Integrated teaching comprised of Ayurveda,Yoga and Allopathy
  • Trained by well experienced therapist with expertise in Allopathy,Yoga and Ayurveda
  • Structured syllabus which emphasizes on both theoretical and practical approach
  • Great job opportunities at Yoga Therapy MAYI Yoga Academy upon certification
  • Personal coaching sessions for those who are keen to make Yoga Therapy as their career
  • Continuous learning and updates on Yoga Therapy
  • Coaching conducted at a convenient time
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