wonderful sense of tranquillity

There is always a wonderful sense of tranquility whenever we step into a yoga class regardless of the role that we play – whether we are the student or the instructor. When we attend a class as a student we are only required to pay attention to the instructor’s instructions and perform the poses accordingly. However, when we step into a yoga class as a yoga instructor, it takes a whole lot more of awareness and knowledge in order to conduct a safe and purposeful session.

aspiring yoga instructors - setting a precedence

This is the very reason why aspiring yoga instructors are required to undergo hundreds of hours of training before they are certified and permitted to conduct yoga sessions independently. The comprehensive trainings and disciplines instilled upon a trainee are means to set a precedent for their subsequent yoga instructing career.

experience an in-flow insightful discoveries

Any instructors in training will often quickly realise that teaching opportunities are widely available. One can opt to teach as little or as many classes as they are inspired to do. Regardless of the number of classes taught per week, the moment a yoga instructor begins to teach, he or she will experience an in-flow of insightful discoveries.

Explore your potential in becoming a Yoga instructor.

A preview of what's in store in the International Yoga Instructor Course (IYIC).

A comprehensive introduction by Master Manisekaran. The class activities captured live, including testimonials from the budding yoga instructors.

The class activities captured live, including testimonials from the budding yoga instructors.



Profound Personal Growth

  • Powerful inner discovery – discover your true potential and expand your horizons. Be dynamic- in action and thought.
  • Have the ability to think out of the box.
  • Excellent communication skills – present yourself and your ideas astoundingly.
  • Start earning the way you want to – fun environment, rewarding career and great income.
  • Feel more energetic- increase your endurance and flexibility; move as your body desires.


Lifetime Knowledge

  • Become aware of the inner structure of your body – know how you can use asanas to prevent diseases.
  • Be able to help friends and students with medical conditions.
  • Expand your consciousness – embody the combination of wisdom and compassion.
  • Engage in wide ranging aspects and levels of yoga – deepen your prospects in yoga.
  • Understanding of Yoga, the ancient way – union of body, mind and soul.


Ingrain Confident Teaching Skills

  • Receive coaching for precision and accuracy in practice.
  • Have the hands-on approach to allow your teaching to initiate from your core experience.
  • Enjoy group practice teaching and discover your own personal teaching style.
  • Be well equipped to teach anyone from any group, anywhere.
  • Understand corporate business practices and yoga ethics – become a professional instructor.
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