Super Yoga Kids Instructor Course (SYKIC)

Pure essence of a Child

Children can be full of energy, bursting with joy, excitement and curiosity; their creativity, potential and character waiting to be tapped and nurtured. A child’s life direction, the magnitude of awareness and personality growth, lies in the hand of parents and teachers, as they look up to us for guidance and support.

Win Their Hearts

Super Yoga Kids Instructor Course (SYKIC) was born from the understanding of this need to holistically enhance child development. We use fun presentation and dynamic techniques to capture the children’s interest while closely following the traditional yogic teachings.

Aspiring Instructions Will Learn

  • child psychology to facilitate emotional development
  • asanas (postures) to help children grow strong and healthy
  • pranayama (breathing techniques) to improve lung capacity and increase stamina
  • yoga nidra (deep relaxation) to provide deep rest and an introduction to meditation

Tools To Be An Expert

Instructors will also be taught accelerated yogic brain development programs for children to enhance the left and right brain functionings. Character building modules are part of the syllabus to help instructors understand children better.

Find Your True Self

On the whole, the instructor becomes steadier in handling children, gains a deep sense of satisfaction as they are involved directly in grooming a child and are blessed with lots of laughter and adorable beaming faces around them in class!

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