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Kundalini Kriya Yoga (Self Mastery Course)

Kundalini Kriya Yoga (Self Mastery) means to project oneself in a holistic manner. Be centred and balanced in all situations; calm and concentrated in a hostile one; focused and dynamic at all times, through every situation and every action; and have the presence of mind to deal with anyone, no matter who, in the same cheerful and humble manner, while knowing and being in control of the situation and finishing the tasks at hand, in the sharpest of mind conditions.

Know Thyself: Discover the brilliant creative genius within

Yoga brought so much of changes into my life. The healing and systematic training that took place was from a combination of the internal as well as the external yogas, or asanas. Kriya Yoga, which forms the basis of Self Mastery, is a unique yoga devised by yogis thousands of years ago to bring in total and complete harmonisation of physical, mental and higher energies in us. We talk about centredness, we contemplate self realisation and we write about enlightenment, but it can’t solely come from theory. It has to come from real change, through real, tangible processes and experiences.” Master Manisekaran

As the great polymath Leonardo da Vinci said, ‘one can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself’. 
It is, in fact, easier to become a master of another, through intimidation or respect, than be an expert on the subject of one’s own self.

As we entertain mostly superficial and largely unguarded and untrained thoughts, we tend to limit our knowledge and time to explore the immence wealth of the inner world. 
We have in each of us the genius of an Einstein and more. The issue is not whether we have it, but whether we allow ourselves to realise and experience it. 

Take the analogy of the iceberg for example. Ninety per cent, or the larger part, is hidden underwater while only the tip (above water) is apparent to the unsuspecting eyes. 
Even so is the self. In the vastness of that self lies the secret to the mysteries of the body, brain, mind and the universe.

What is Kriya Yoga? 
Kriya Yoga is a master technique, a sadhana. It is the most evolved self-development practice of yogic training available today. It is an ancient, scientific and time-tested means to harmonise naturally-occurring energies within the human framework so that they resonate with the more subtle underlying energies. It is a method of refining one’s physical, psychic and mental forces so that individual awareness can penetrate the depths of one’s nature. It systematically sharpens the way to ultimately realise the wonders of the infinite self.

Purpose of Kriya Yoga 
The purpose of Kriya Yoga is to transform your whole life into a continuous expression of joy, bliss and wisdom. It is designed to transform tamas (lethargic state) into sattva (harmonised state). It is designed to refine your whole being.

Kriya yoga brings about the following changes: 
1. Slowly whittles away fears, phobias, conflicts, depressions, false ideas, conditioning, etc, hidden in the depths of the subconscious mind. 
2. Kriya yoga harmonises the whole mind from the surface layers to the depths. 
3. Induces twenty-four hours a day relaxation; not a lazy relaxation, but a dynamic relaxation where one can spontaneously do much work than at present and with much more power and effectiveness. 
4. Allows one to explore and know the mind and go beyond. 
5. Induces mental clarity and intensifies spontaneous awareness.

These changes, brought about progressively, will transmute one’s body-mind into a perfect instrument of action and wisdom.

Course Description 
The Kundalini Kriya Yoga (Self Mastery) programme covers the complete set of all major components of yoga. It is conducted in full-time (5 days) or part-time (5 months) basis.



  1. Evolve enterprising creativity 
  2. Develop “out of the box thinking” to turn dilemmas into springboards for success
  3. Increase personal magnetism & charisma
  4. Develop positive thinking
  5. Improve concentration, focus & memory
  6. Clarity of mind for decision making
  7. Fulfil positive desires in life
  8. Enhance communication skills
  9. Manage & relief stress
  10. Greater physical health
  11. Remove unwanted habit subtly
  12. Increase efficiency in any endeavour
  13. More confidence
  14. Improvement in interactive skills
  15. Opening of chakras: Energise the whole body
  16. Reach peace and purpose in life; expand consciousness; find inner bliss
  17. Develop dynamic will power
  18. Sharpens intuition 
  19. Enhances brain functions 
  20. Inspiration and creative expression 

Kundalini Kriya Yoga Video Preview Collection







What some practitioners have to say, about this course...

Advanced Dharana Retreat

Advanced Dharana Retreat – 

Dharana is the concentration of the mind on an object (or idea), either external or internal, without wavering. The perfection of concentration leads to Dhyana (meditation). In the state of concentration, the mind is neither aware nor distracted by the external 

A mind which is able to concentrate effortlessly is a mind which propels towards success. It enhances mental acuity, aids in decision making, enhances memory, and promotes effective 
management of the self and at the work place.

Concentration is something which must be practiced and discovered personally to gain full benefit!

What you will learn:
Extensive modules featuring Yogic and Tantric Dharana, and Upanishadic Dharana.

Practices include:

A.      Intro

Importance of Concentration

 The ability to concentrate well is the root of all higher qualities of life and success.

Relaxation and Concentration

A relaxed mind is not an idle mind, in fact it is highly concentrate and highly capable of accomplishing seemingly impossible tasks easily.

Meditative Process

 Meditation is a state of mind and consciences in which there is alertness, dynamism and total concentration.

Psychic Symbol

The Upanishads say, ‘he who knows that both the manifest (sakara – of which a psychic symbol is one) and the unmanifested (nirakara) are really one, overcomes the fear of death through the manifest and obtains the essence of immortality through the unmanifest’.


If what we see outside can be seen as real inside then the mind has evolved to its higher potential, and for this kind of minds almost anything is achievable.

Obstacles in Dharana

Some of the techniques and discussions to overcome obstacles in the attainment of a powerful one pointed Mind.

Yogic, Tantric and Upanishadic Dharanas


B.      Yogic and Tantric  Dharana

Kaya Sthairyam

Practice of physical steadiness that is so useful in daily physical activities plus in practicing or teaching yoga.

Chakra Shuddhi

Purification of the psychic centres.

Ajapa Dharana

One pointed concentration on the repetition of mantra.

i. Frontal Passage Rotation

ii. Spinal Passage Rotation

iii. Frontal Passage Rotation with Ujjayi and Kechari

iv. Spinal Passage Rotation with Ujjayi and Kechari

v. Arohan and Awarohan Rotation

vi. Ida-Pingala Elliptical Rotation

vii. Pingala-Ida Elliptical Rotation

viii. Ida-Pingala Spinal Rotation

ix.  Pingala-Ida Spinal Rotation

x. Opening of the Granthis



i. Bahya Drishti (outer trataka)

ii. Bahya-Antar Drishti (outer and inner trataka)

iii. Antar Drishti (inner trataka)

iv. Shoonya Drishti (gazing into the void)

C.      Upanishadic Dharana

1. Bahyakasha Dharana

Exploration of the external space or ether through this specialised meditation.

2. Antarakasha Dharana

Antar means inner; so Antarakasha is the inner space which forms the substratum for our own individual creation.

3. Chidakasha Dharana

Chid means consciousness; thus Chidakasha is the space of consciousness.

4. Ajna Chakra Dharana

An advanced stage of Chidakasha Dharana.

5. Hridayakasha Dharana

Hrid means heart; therefore this is a psychotherapeutic aspect of meditation to remove the blockages that exist in the subtle emotional plane.

6. Daharakasha Dharana

Practices that develop psychic awareness and psychic faculties, practices are divided into as below:

i. Panchatattwa Dharana 1- the five elements are structured clearly within

ii. Panchatattwa Dharana 2-the different qualities and symbols of the tattvas are explored at three levels: conscious, subconscious and unconscious.

iii. Chakra Dharana 1-coloring of the chakras

iv. Chakra Dharana 2- awakening sushumna, the most powerful energy pathway in the body.

v.  Chakra Dharana 3- awakening Chakra mandala

vi. Panchakosha Dharana- the five sheaths or koshas range from the gross to the transcendental dimensions and they belong to the experience of daharakasha.

vii. Panchaprana Dharana-in this practice the awareness of the five vayus (vital airs) is developed and we are able to perceive the movement of these vayus and therefor have a glimpse of the pranic body.

7. Laya Dharana

There are two paths to self-development. One path leads to expansion of consciousness and the other path leads to laya or total dissolution. The first path is taught by many, however the second path known as laya is taught by very few. Laya yoga aims to sensitize the awareness in order to experience the consciousness so that we become aware of the changes taking place in that dimension. The ability to observe and control the experiences in the field of consciousness enables one to eventually harmonize the pranic awakening, the awakening of chakras and the kundalini. Laya is a system which complements the practices of kundalini and kriya yoga by bringing a balance, both in the prana and in the structure of consciousness, thus making our practices more complete.

i. Laya Dharana 1: Mooladhara and Visuddhi Drishti

Just as energy has manifested in the form of tattwas ( elements ), from space to earth, so consciousness has manifested in the form of akashas, different dimensions of space and consciousness in these chakras. In mooladhara chakra the tattwa is earth, which represents energy, and the space is Guna Rahita Akasha, which means the space without attributes. In order to complete this process there has to be a comprehensive understanding of all the chakras, the tattwas and the different states of consciousness that one experiences with the chakras awakening. This requires a gradual process of progressions and preparation.

ii. Laya Dharana 2: Loka Dristhi

There are 28 dimensions of consciousness. Humans begin at the 15th level of consciousness. Below this are 14 other levels knows as patalas, from the 8th to the 14th, and nara mas from the 1st to the 7th. The patala level manifests in animal life where every instinct and every response to a situation is governed by instinct. The Narakas can be related with vegetable life for the purpose of our understanding. At these levels even the instincts are not fully active, there is only dormant conscious life. The 15th to the 18th levels represent the instinctive consciousness. The 19th to the 21st represent the Gunas: tamas, rajas and sattwa. The planes of the Lola’s represent further steps of evolution or higher states of consciousness. At the level of the chakras, energy is active and consciousness is the passive support for understanding the energy experience. In the Lokas, knowledge and experience of consciousness is predominant or active and energy is a passive supportive factor for that experience. So the roles change from chakras to Lokas. It is the knowledge, understanding and experience of the Lokas and the different states of perfection and different manifestations of creativity in our life, which is experienced and seen during the process of laya.

8. Vyoma Panchaka Dharana

From the psychic point of view, Vyoma represents the highest state if consciousness. After Chidakasha, Hridayakashaa and Daharakasha, the three gross spaces, we come to Vyoma Panchaka, the three subtle spaces of the intermediate state of Dharana.

i. Vyoma Panchaka Dharana 1: Guna Rahita Akasha

This is the attributeless space. In meditation, consciousness functions at a deeper level, but there is still pratyaya or content of mind which are under the influence of the Gunas. There is also the entanglement of the ego or the notion of ‘I am’. Ultimately, beyond meditation the pratyaya are discarded and the ego or ‘I’ feeling also disappears. What remains then is only pure consciousness or Purusha. This supreme awareness or Purusha, which is not entangled with Prakriti, gives rise to freedom from the three Gunas.

 ii. Vyoma Panchaka Dharana 2:  Paramakasha

This is described as ‘deep, dark space with a twinkling star-like light’. There is a state of perception which is known as Shoonya or nothingness. Here total absence of light, cognition and knowledge is experienced with just the awareness remaining in the form of a tiny star or point. In a self-contained awareness, not dissipated or expanded awareness, but a fixed, luminous point of awareness. Parama means ‘supreme’, therefore paramakasha means the supreme space.

iii. Vyoma Panchaka Dharana 3:  Mahakasha

This is described as ‘bright like the middle of the sun, which no eyes can see’. You cannot see the brilliance of the sun by going into the middle of it. This Shoonya state is evolving. Initially there was total darkness with just a point of light and that represented awareness. The recognition of that point of light is drashta, observing the awareness. But here the merger of drashta with that awareness takes place so that the whole personality is engulfed by total awareness. The whole individual identity has to dissolve in luminosity, nothing but light. It is like being in the the centre of the sun, surrounded by brilliance and light. That is known as maha, the great.

iv. Vyoma Panchaka Dharana 4:  Tattwakasha

This is an extensive practice which clarifies the elemental substances of our being and transforms the microcosmic body into a microcosmic body. The mastery of the five elements and elemental space leads to full knowledge and awakening of the higher self.

v. Vyoma Panchaka Dharana 5: Suryakasha

The word Surya means ‘sun’ or ‘he who induces activity’. The sun is the symbol of purification because it burns away all impurities and it can never be made impure. Through this teaching it is possible to change the whole visual concept, so that matter is not perceived as matter it as energy. Once matter is perceived as energy, then the sun of the elements is known, and atma, the transcendental form is experienced.

9. Nadanusandhana Dharana

The word nada means ‘sound’ or ‘flow of consciousness’. Nada is the primal vibration, the divine, ever present, creative sound. It is the very core of spiritual practice. The word anusandhanam means ‘discovery’ or ‘search ‘. The discovery of sound vibrations from gross to subtle, from external to internal, from psychic to causal and beyond, forms an entire part of Dharana and is known as Nadanusandhana, the art of stalking atmic music.

Next Intake:
(to be announced)

Manipuraka Awakening & Universal Healing Energy (Spontaneous Physical Movements)

A workshop that awakenes the inner energy centres (chakras) and channels (nadis) within your body. Feel energised and enhance your overall well being. Discover your innate ability to heal yourself and others through Manipuraka.


  1. Enhance your well being and positive energy field
  2. Feel energised
  3. Learn to sustain energy levels by tapping into the universal force
  4. Self-healing potential
  5. More intuitive
  6. Experience movement of energy

Preview on “Awakening Healing Energy (Manipuraka) & Uni Healing” by Master Manisekaran


During the Manipuraka session initiated by Master Mani, I felt my body is lifting up, arms going to fly, a lot of energy inside the navel and spine, like volcano inside… 

I naturally want to bend backward into Chakrasana (wheel pose) and move with the energy… 
within the 4 to 5 days right after the Manipuraka, I’ve got nice sensations at the Trikuti (centre of the eyebrows) and so much living in the present that time… 
it’s just beyond what I could comprehend. – Marina Borodina
I’m surprised that my body flow into asanas (postures), mudras (hand gestures) and hands drawing yantras spontaneously and naturally…the movement of energy is just amazing. – Navanesan
It’s really amazing and my energy flows nicely leading to various gestures and body movements that never happen in my life before. I feel fresh and all my strained muscles are healed after doing Manipuraka, my energy level has increased and have a much better sense of awareness and alertness where I am now able to notice things that I have never noticed before. Manipuraka, it works! – Priya Tee

what really impresses me is the energy I experience can heal myself and others. 
– Kelly Gee

…my mother felt relieve when I performed Universal Yoga Healing for her leg pain. 

I feel more in tuned with myself, 
more positive and my intuition has sharpened as I observe my daily activities… – Peggy Chan

it was amazing for me to experience immediate relief from neck pain during the Manipuraka workshop practical and I am now fully cured of cervical spondylosis! 
– Nisha Chang

YP, our 2 months old puppy, was very sick and hadn’t eaten for 2 days. Not knowing what else to do, as the vet clinic was closed, I tried Universal Yoga Healing on the weak, motionless pup. 
To our great surprise, the pup got up and walked over to his bowl to feed! 
The funny part was Tanesh, my son exclaimed, ‘Look…Amah made some magic on YP!’ now YP is growing healthily. – Meera Nathan

After practising Manipuraka & UniYoga Healing, I am relieved of my chronic backache. 
– Melissa Chan

I found myself moving gracefully from simple warm-ups to Tai Chi steps, follwed by a series of classic hand gestures, of which I had no previous experience. The movements were spontaneous and the rhythm varied and sometimes paused. I was awashed by feelings of peace and being loved. 
– Pavani Tuladhar

Manipuraka deepened my understanding of universal energy (chi or prana). I experienced self healing and can feel the flow of universal energy through me when healing other. It’s very positive. 
– Sharon Loo

Urdhva Retas & Anti Aging (Harnessing Inner Force for Rejuvenation)

A 2.5-hour yoga workshop for perfect health and youthfulness by harnessing the most powerful energy in humankind and withstand the ravages of aging.

Urdhva Retas & Anti Aging ( Reproductive Health ) Yoga is based on an ancient system of natural birth control and the heightened experience of sexual fulfillment. Practitioners who have mastered the art are known to experience full sexual life with increased pleasure, vigour, better health and also deepen meaningful couple relationship of a new awareness.

With Urdhva Retas the ability to prolong an orgasm and achieving multiple orgasms without losing one self in the sexual act during climax is no longer a myth.Along the lines of family planning, Urdhva Retas paves the way for couples to conceive and produce healthy children which culminate from its resulting conservation of “virya” (sexual potency). “Virya” contains the greatest potential energy reserve that is in every human being that can bring a new life to this world.By mere conservation of this great potential energy, it can be channeled towards the healing for those challenged by long standing ailments and building inner strength, vitality as well as youthfulness.

This is a natural result from the practice of Urdhva Retas.This technique which naturally tones the vaginal muscles of women who practice often leads to the ultimate benefit of resolving female reproductive health issues such as menstrual irregularities, PMT, those related to menopause, uterine fibroids, cysts and infertility. 

For the spiritual seeker who has pledged to walk the path of celibacy, Urdhva Retas also empowers one with the greatest stabiliser to prevent sexual repressions as craving is brought under natural sublimation and harnessed as higher brain power for evolution and spiritual growth. 

In summary, Urdhva Retas Yoga is one the most amazing gifts from the alchemists of South India known as “siddhas“ and through modern age teacher, Master Manisekaran of MAYI (Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors), it is now revealed before us this rare opportunity of awakening the full power of Urdhva Retas to flow within through his unique and rare mastery of the technique.

Benefits in summary :

  1. Youthfulness & Radiant countenance
  2. Increased energy & vitality
  3. Tones & strengthens the male/female reproduvtive system to reduce the risk of problems related to prostate, menses (irregularities, PMT, etc), menopause, sexual dysfunctions / phobias & weakness of the bowel system
  4. Manages issues such as premature ejaculation
  5. Gaining mastery over the sexual impulses
  6. More joyful physical relationships
  7. Improved fertility for conception & a natural way of contraception
  8. Sense of inner peace & balance
  9. Heightened mental capacity and memory
  10. Weight Loss

Preview on “Enhancing Sexual Health The Yogic Way” by Master Manisekaran.


Urdhva retas is an ancient Siddha practice. It transmutes our sexual fluids, redirecting it upwards and converting it into ojas. Before practicing this technique, I had a very short attention span, constantly distracted and unable to focus on tasks at hand. On top of that, my energy levels were rather low and I constantly felt tired, despite more than adequate hours of nightly sleep.With this technique, I feel my attention span has improved and my energy levels have increased – so much so that I sleep much less these days. As a Sadhaka (practitioner ) , I find this a very potent technique in increasing the clarity of which I see things as well as the vibrancy of daily life, further aiding my Sadhana (practice ). Om- Ratish Murali

Highest Respect towards Master Manisekaran Yoga who taught me the authentic technique of Udhva Retas Yoga . 
Thank you to MAYI Academy for being the platform for Great Yoga courses.
After practising Udhva Retas as per clearly instructed in the workshop, I would say I have attained huge amount of benefits.  My everyday practise leads to an enhance energy in the entire body system.  The brain obtains a direct boost and work with full power. Beside that, it improved my skin complexion and regulated my bowel movement.  Overall only positive changes to my beloved body. It’s hard to describe the energy in words as one need to feel and experience it in their lifetime.
Humans without practise of Udhva Retas are humans with Unconnected “Power Bank”. As a mobile needs a Power Bank nowadays, Humans need one too. Get it via Udhva Retas !
My comments are genuine and written after practising Udhva Rates everyday.  – Ratnavel (Jewel Spear)<

6 months after an ovarian cyst operation, another cyst of 3cm and some fibroids were detected again in my uterus causing me pain and I had to go on medication. After attending Urdhva Retas Yoga workshop, I consistently practiced the easy to follow techniques which took no more than 6 minutes. Soon the pain gradually lessened. I was cured of chronic constipation and my menses became regular. Recently, an internal ultra-sound scan results confirmed that the ovarian cyst and fibroids had disappeared! I am so amazed by the wonderful benefits of Urdhva Retas Yoga… – Yuki Ng
At the time just prior to learning Urdhva Retas Yoga, my works schedule which involves much mental work and travelling on the road has become so hectic that when I reached home late night, I would just forget everything and crash in bed. Surprisingly after a week of practicing the technique as recommended, I found my energy levels soaring. And even though my work schedule is as before, I am now able to spend quality time with my family at the end of a long, hard day. – Navanesan

Before learning Urdhva Retas Yoga, I was suffering from chronic constipation for nearly 20 years. A week after learning and practicing the techniques, my problem completely disappeared and my bowel system is now in its natural rhythm! All this was so natural without any diet or herbs. 
I have full confidence in my well being now even though my paternal family has a history of colon cancer. – Nisha Chang

Learning the Urdhva Retas Yoga technique is greatly beneficial for all. As any woman with a family knows, daily chores can be a bit taxing and leaves us tired sometimes. Practising Urdhva Retas, I have seen an increase in my energy levels, leaving me feeling fresh and rejuvenated.
As a wife, I am better able to control and channel any pent up energy when my husband is at work or travelling, putting it to positive use. I can feel the breathing and other techniques taught in the workshop shifting my energy up, making it even more enjoyable as I am sure that it is working. – Housewife (6 months practitioner)
I have suffered from chronic negative side effects from my period for quite a while. For a few days before and after my period, I would feel physically uncomfortable, experiencing painful cramps; emotionally I would feel very moody and mentally I would feel very tired too. It was quite a trifecta – affecting my mind, body and emotions! I would frequently notice expulsion of blood clots during my cycle as well.
After learning and practising the Urdhva Retas Yoga technique, I cherish my period – my cycle is regular and I feel much more energised now. The pain and cramps have dimished and I no longer experience mood swings.
I have a new perspective on my body and mind, and feel much happier and stronger now. Thank you so much for everything. – Graful Yogini (6 months practitioner)

I would like to share my direct experience having practiced Urdhva Retas.

First of all I request readers to read this article with an open mind and use this opportunity to learn the potentials of Urdhva Retas.
I have realised both men and women need to learn this art to keep their reproductive organs healthy.
Issues like sexual dysfunctions,premature ejaculation in male and cyst, uterus prolapse,difficulty in conceiving and miscarriages in women are so common in the present age that I have decided to come forth and share my experience.

Urdhva Retas, practice of only 2-3 minutes 3x a day gradually strengthens the reproductive organ.The first day after learning, I had a strong urge to mate, feeling curious i checked with Master Mani and he said that my reproductive organ is getting positive flow of energy..It lasted only for a few hours and stabilized soon after.

My spouse is also a practitioner of Urdva Retas and I tell you, it’s one of the best things he has ever learnt. He has full mastery over his sexual organ that no ejaculation happens even with hours of intimacy.
He satisfies me more than enough and i have seen him experiencing multiple orgasm in a super steady state and at the same time I would also be experiencing super orgasms multiple times too. 
I have seen a wonderful glow (tejas) in his face during those times

Since he can last many hours, we were able to experiment and try out new positions that it became more educative and exciting even after 4 years together. 
Mind you, after a session together we both can have a full day of activity full of energy,not drained, pale or weak thereafter.
Our communion is very satisfying that there is no craving or insecurity and we can even go on for months sometimes without any intimacy but still with closeness, sensitivity and love.

For men, each drop of semen is equivalent to 60 drops of blood, by preservation, lifespan will increase.The male only releases the creative force for reprocreation.

Just imagine what kind of children will be produced then ,with the best sperm mating with the best ovum..Therefore i hope more will learn this ancient art of Urdhva Retas and have a life changing experience.. – Anonymous (testimony from Yoga Mail Jan-March 2012 issue)

Prana Vidya Course

What is Prana

The concept of prana or life force has been an interesting topic for those trying to understand psychic phenomenon, yoga, healing, personal magnetism & human potential.

The ancient seers or rishis had a very clear understanding of this prana, they knew how the life force worked, how it helped in the process of mind-body functioning, how it could be harnessed and utilized completely for self development to:

  1. generate unlimited inner power
  2. awaken higher consciousness
  3. generate unlimited power to heal oneself and others
  4. awaken personal magnetism
  5. increase stamina

Prana Vidya, or knowledge of prana, is not mere rhetoric or lecture series, it is a science of defined techniques with preparatory techniques, intermediate group of techniques and advanced Prana Vidya technology. It involves an amazing array of yoga dharanas or advanced mind training to bring about revolutionary state of mind and body. The word revolution here means a complete rejuvenation, enhancement and advancement of the mind-body system.

Discover the techniques to awaken the dormant powerhouse of prana (life force) within and around the individual body, to heal yourself and others (even from a distance) plus explore Personal Magnetism!



(to be announced)

Pranayama (Breathing Techniques) Instructor/Practitioner Course (PBTIC)

A complete and systematic yoga practitioner and instructors course that covers all aspects of various yogic breathing techniques.
Project yourself as a knowledgeable, well rounded yoga instructor. Learn key techniques for teaching pranayama.
Learn how to hold an expand a pranayama class.

Good income with health benefits.

What you will learn :

• Physiology and basic principles of pranayama (breathing)
• Mechanism of breathing
• Preparatory, primary, intermediate, and advanced practices of pranayama
• Pranayama and its healing potentials
• Asana based pranayama
• Therapeutic pranayama
• Additional and long lost pranayama techniques

Who should attend :

• Yoga instructors 
• Those who wish to have a more fulfilling breathing pattern 
• Healers and health therapists

Dhyana (Meditation) Instructor / Practitioner Course

Learn To Teach

  • Teach meditation  systematically 
  • Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced classes
  • Learn to explain the benefits of meditation to all levels
  • Understand the need for all levels of society to practice meditation therefore projecting meditation as a valuable & neccessary practice 

Who Should Attend

  • Yoga Instructors
  • Yoga Practitioners
  • Professionals seeking information in this field
  • Those interested in self development / improvement

Yoga Sadhana Course-Teens (YSC-T)

10 months self-development course that will unlock your inner potentials 

and equip you with life tools for a balanced body, mind and inner state.


  1. Become fit and supple with toned muscles
  2. Discover the natural rhythm of breath that strengthens the respiratory system, increase energy levels, build stamina and immunity
  3. Reduce stress, stabilize blood pressure and rejuvenate the heart
  4. Conserve youthfulness and  vitality
  5. Better concentration and focus


10 months

Schedule and Fees

Fees : RM150/mth


SYK School Holiday Programme PDF Print E-mail For Kids & Teenagers!

School’s out! And it’s time to have fun!

This school holiday, enrol your children into a fun yet purposeful School Holiday Programme!

Super Yoga Kids School Holiday Programme is designed to allow kids and teenagers to have fun while they learn and discover themselves…

This is a not-to-be-missed programme for your children to be exposed to various practices of yoga while cultivating postive values.

Allow your children to discover fun ways to:

  • Connect with self and others
  • Encourage creativity and imagination
  • Instil inspiring values and moral codes
  • Learn proper ways to breathe, rest and relax
  • Build confidence
  • Develop positivism and healthy lifestyle
  • Enhance memory and concentration

Art & Science Projects included!

Great for kids age 4 and above!

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