Weekly Class Schedule

Class Schedule

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MAYI Yoga Academy reserves the right to change the class schedule without prior notice.

Closed on Public Holidays.

* Classes marked (T) are conducted by trainees

* Classes marked (**) are for all students except IYIC Foundation and Intermediate level students.

* Classes marked (S) are Specialised Classes which are only for students who signed-up for these classes specifically.

· MAYI Yoga Academy signature Asana Yoga class is conducted in true tradition with mind-body awareness. 
It graduates gentle from a thorough warm up which activates blood circulation and energy flow to prepare the joints and entire body, then progresses on to a crest with classical yoga postures (asanas) for specific health benefits. Completed with a guided deep relaxation this session leaves one feeling like new. Its objectives are for better breathing, general maintenance/improvement of health and to de-stress. Although these classes are conducted at 3 levels (Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced) students are encouraged to work according to their own capacity and comfort zone.

· Asana Yoga Flow is a dynamic and more expressive form of practising yoga asanas by flowing from posture to posture in a choreographed sequence. 
The sequences are creative and can be dance like at times. The objectives are building stamina, endurance, agility and flexibility. For the energetic it is an excellent channel for excess energy, while for the less energetic it is a catalyst for dynamism. This class leaves one feeling invigorated and satisfied. 

· Anti Aging Yoga is a gentle form of yoga class which focuses on specific yoga techniques that naturally delay/prevent the ravages of time on the body and mind. Learn how you can defy gravity, balance growth hormones and activate natural anti-oxidants within to feel youthful, revitalised and rejuvenated. Experiencing this “time machine” session on a regular basis to see results! 

· Enjoy fun and creative ways to work on stretches, balance and strengthening more effectively through cooperation in Partner Yoga sessions. Asanas are cleverly coordinated so that partners assist each other in ways that nurture communication, understanding and bonding between individuals. The subtler effects after these sessions are the cultivation of trust, a sense of how to share our strength with others and the awakening of awareness of others in relation to self in positive ways. One will feel they have step out of their shell and in harmony after each session.

·BodyTone is a great session for those who would like to have toner physique while improving their health, where regular practice is the answerto rid flabbiness! BodyTone is simply an excellent session to keep the body lean, and the mind sharp.

·Ashtanga Yoga classes feature the energy-packed Ashtanga series suitable for intermediate and advance level practitioners.

· Precision and Alignment classes specialises in fine tuning the alignment of the structural body for each yoga posture. Limited postures are taught in this class to ensure detailed adjustments can be made according to individual. Joints displacement is gradually self corrected while target muscle groups are tone and activated for a more efficient body. Yoga props such as blocks, belts and blankets are applied to ease moving in and out of a structurally aligned posture. Students will step out of the class sure footed and grounded yet with a feeling of lightness. 

· Breath and Mind Yoga is a guided discovery of the less tread dimension within us. Learn how to tap into the abundance of life energy through the power of breathing and positive visualisations. Minimal selected asanas are incorporated with breathing techniques. This session leaves one buoyant on platform of breath, with mind feeling revived and more organised. It is an excellent way to improve memory, concentration and emotional balance. 

· Yoga Wellness is a group class that offers a wide range of yoga techniques (asana, breathing, visualisation and yogic detoxification tips) which deals with general conditions such as poor digestion, neck ache, back ache, poor sleep, breathing problems and more. One experiences an insightful aspect of yoga which complements the journey to better health. 

· Gentle Yoga is the class for practitioners who would like to take it slow and gently. Students are guided through a series of gentle movements and stretches that prepares the mind and body for other levels of hatha yoga classes. The flow of the class relaxes the mind and body while secretly toning them leaving the practitioner feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after the sessions.

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