Dhyana (Meditation) Instructor/Practitioner Course (DMIC)

A complete and systematic Dhyana (Meditation) course that teaches you to explain the benefits of meditation to all levels of society. 
Learn systematic application of meditation. Learn the therapeutic application of meditation. 
Learn how to conduct a meditation class which is interesting, effective and appealing for the vast majority of the population. 

Be recognized as an expert in meditation, a very rare qualification in the scarce teaching niche. 
Understand the need for all levels of society to practice meditation therefore projecting meditation as a valuable and necessary practice

What you will learn :

• Basic principles of meditation.
• Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of meditation.
• Neurophysiological effects through meditation. 
• Science of meditation.
• Mechanism of meditation.
• Dimension of the mind.
• Effects of stress on health and productivity.
• Preparatory practices for meditation.
• Practices of dharana, dhyana and samadhi.
• Meditative asanas and mudras and its benefits.
• Various nature meditations.
• Management of meditation class.
• Physiology and basic principles of pranayama (breathing)
• Mechanism of breathing.
• Preparatory, primary, intermediate, and advanced practices of pranayama.
• Pranayama and its healing potentials.
• Asana based pranayama.
• Therapeutic pranayama.
• Additional and long lost pranayama techniques.

Course Outline:


  • Overview
  • What is Meditation

Benefits of Meditation

  • The Benefits of Meditation
  • How Does Meditation Work
  • Meditation and Thoughtless Awareness
  • Meditation: Rules for Practice

Science of Meditation

  • Meditation is a Science – Ancient Science
  • Dimensions of Mind
  • Meditation – Benefits and Brain Wave Changes
  • Research on Stress and Meditation
  • Research and Statistics on the Benefits of Meditation

Practise and Techniques of Meditation

  • Preparation for Meditation
  • Meditative Asanas
  • The Practice of Meditation
  • Techniques

Who should attend :

• Yoga instructors. 
• Those who are looking forward to  a more peaceful lifestyle.
• Life coach and health therapists.

What is Dhayana?

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Secrets of Meditation by Master Manisekaran (Pt 3)

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