Certification Courses

International Yoga Instructor Course

Learn Authentic Yoga from the Real Yoga Experts.

Yoga is for everyone. But can anyone teach? Is there an instructor in you? 
Are you passionate about becoming a professional yoga instructor? Or are you just too busy to find out?

With this in mind, the International Yoga Instructor Course (IYIC) was specifically designed based on a few decades of indepth study into the science and art of teaching yoga. Empower yourself with our exclusive and unique approach to teaching yoga. Get the techniques correct and deliver them with utmost confidence, care and professionalism.

Step into IYIC for a promising career as a yoga instructor. There’s a world of difference in teaching yoga and learning to teach with utmost clarity, skill and confidence. Please ensure you receive certifications from Ministry of Education approved sources to maintain the standardization and quality in all teachings including yoga. As per the Ministry Of Education Act :

According to the Education Act 1996 (Act 550)
 Section 77:
(1) No private educational institution shall conduct any course of study or training programme jointly, 
in association, affiliation or collaboration or otherwise, with a university or institution of higher education 
or other educational institution or organisation within or outside Malaysia, except with the approval in writing of the Minister.

Section 79: All educational institutions to be registered

Section 103: Prohibition to teach
(1) Subject to subsection 
(2) no person shall teach in an educational institution unless he is registered as a teacher under this Act.

Be a yoga instructor extraordinaire with an elegance of your own.

if you’re eager to create a significant change in your working life, IYIC is here to assist you. Equip yourself with the highly effective IYIC teaching skills and expertise that will empower you to make the positive career change you have always dreamed about.
If you’re already teaching yoga, sharpen your skills at IYIC. Learn the right techniques of doing the asanas, how to teach them correctly to avoid injuries, how to modify the asanas according to the students’ needs and how to express yourself better.
You will also learn how to effectively teach the philosophies and traditions of yoga.
Understand the scientific background of yoga and learn to teach with accuracy, intensity and depth.
We don’t expect you to have prior knowledge of yoga to begin your wonderful journey with IYIC.
The course is divided into three levels:
• Foundation
• Intermediate
• Advanced
To complete each level, you need to finish 150 hours of yoga classes

What You Can Expect

IYIC bases its success on personalised training and hands-on approach that nurture the confidence of budding teachers.

• Learn how to make the class lively, fun-filled, interesting, meaningful and promising.
• The accelerated methods taught at IYIC enables one to be fully equipped and independent in conducting classes.
• For existing teachers, it deepens the meaning of yoga, yogic principles and the practices.
• It opens the mind to the fullest potential of teaching.
• It creates a favourable environment of growth for both teacher and students.
• New skills, deeper knowledge, detailed training.

WHY US? Trusted Foundation

Graduating from MAYI will prepare you with the necessary skills and certification to teach yoga. We are recognised by all legitimate world bodies. 
Moreover, we are the ONLY institute: 
– Registered with the Ministry of Education; 
– Endorsed by the Malaysia Yoga Society (MYS); 
– Certified by the Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors; and 
– Certified Training Centre by the Ministry of Human Resources 

Benefits :
1. Profound Personal Growth
• Powerful inner discovery- know your true potential and expand your horizons
• Be dynamic- in action and thought. Have the ability to think out of the box
• Excellent communication skills- present yourself and your ideas astoundingly. 
• Start earning the way you want to – fun environment , rewarding career and great income
• Feel more energetic- increase your endurance and flexibility; move as your body desires

2. Lifetime Knowledge
• Become aware of the inner structure of your body – Know how you can use asanas to prevent diseases
• Be able to help friends and students with medical conditions
• Expand your consciousness- embody the combination of wisdom and compassion
• Engage in wide ranging aspects and levels of yoga- deepen your prospects in yoga
• Understanding of Yoga, the ancient way- union of body, mind and soul

3. Ingrain Confident teaching skills
• Receive personal coaching for precision and accuracy in practice
• Have the hands-on approach (up to 450 hrs practical sessions)- allow your teaching to initiate from your core experience
• Enjoy group practice teaching and discover your own personal teaching style
• Be well equipped to teach anyone from any group, anywhere
• Understand corporate business practices and yoga ethics- Become a professional instructor.

IYIC is a 3 level comprehensive course divided into:

• Foundation (150hrs)
• Intermediate (150hrs) 
• Advanced (150hrs)

You have 3 different types of classes that you may choose from: 

• Fulltime (5days)  
• Semi-intensive (Once a week- 6 hours for 5 weeks) 
• Part-time (Once a week-2 ½ hours for 12 weeks)

For each level, participants will get specialised training on various techniques, which include:
• Introduction of Yoga Philosophy  
• Pranayama/Breathing Techniques 
• Teaching Methodologies 
  (preparation and dissemination of teaching, effective communication skills, lesson planning, preparation of lesson portfolios, etc) 
• Asanas/postures (More than 100 postures per level)
• Anatomy and physiology 
• Shatkarma/Cleansing Techniques
• Inner clarity/mind management.


” Yoga is very popular and common in Australia with many different teaching styles in the market. It is very encouraging that after attending a class, many students have asked me about my teaching style and where I received my training. They are pleasantly surprised to find out that I was trained in Malaysia and not in India.

Australia is also very stringent about having local qualifications and certifications. I have taught at 6 different community centres, a physiotherapy clinic, a secondary school, the Taekwando squad for Victoria, private classes at Isika Spa at Crown Metropole Hotel, Lululemon Stores and workplace yoga at various corporations including the Institute of Neuroscience at Melbourne University as well as my own private and group classes. I have never encountered any issue with my IYIC qualification. I have now been happily teaching and practising yoga in Melbourne for the past 4 years.

I am eternally grounded with gratitude for all the training I have received from Master Mani and the trainers of IYIC. Every time I return to Malaysia, I look forward to attending as many classes as I can with Master Mani- for inspiration, guidance and to evolve my teaching skills. ” – Nalini Singam (Australia)

” I started to learn yoga when I was 13 and it was my mom who encouraged me to join the Super Yoga Kids program. Initially I joined because of my mother but as the months went by, I began to enjoy seeing my own progress with the asanas (yoga postures). Besides having a better knowledge of my strength and flexibility, I have also become calmer through yoga.

After graduating from Super Yoga Kids, I continued my yoga training with Master Mani and learned Kriya Yoga, which to me are mental practices that highly benefit disciplined individuals. I have also since completed the IYIC Level 1. The good news is I’ll be teaching yoga next semester. Our yoga style is so much different that the Health Center Coordinator wants me to teach the yoga classes. Those in the campus are more like fitness classes. Thank you mom, for sending me to yoga classes. This job can really beef up my resume and help me make some friends as well. ”  – Nigel, Now Attending Drake University At Des Moines, USA

” The IYIC has taught me that yoga is a mind-body science. It has helped me manage my emotions, deepen my self-understanding, enhance my leadership skills and guided me to a more disciplined lifestyle. It has also given me a skin that is glowing and radiant! Teaching full time and running a yoga centre is a very meaningful experience for me.  – Neha Koh

“Acquiring ancient wisdom through a master yoga teacher is the best investment in one’s life.
It’s important for us to be prepared by understanding the true benefits of yoga as we do not know when we will need it. I have been teaching yoga classes for 2 years and it speaks volume When you are certified! And the learning doesn’t end here… I have now also completed my Yoga Therapist Certification at Yoga franchise..” – Lim P-Tong

“What I really liked about IYIC is that we were taught how to penetrate asana deeper,understanding how to go beyond our ” body memory” limitations and even touched on own personality development of sort.
 We learned to be non-judgmental and compassionate when teaching. At the completion of the course, we took home priceless knowledge and some wonderful friendship.” – Ranjini Arumugam

“After joining the weekly yoga foundation classes, I decided to go further with IYIC. I realise now how IYIC is much more than physical exercise. It is a deep and rich science that requires knowledge and patience” – Anabelle Presa

Super Yoga Kids Instructor Course (SYKIC)

Pure essence of a Child

Children can be full of energy, bursting with joy, excitement and curiosity; their creativity, potential and character waiting to be tapped and nurtured. A child’s life direction, the magnitude of awareness and personality growth, lies in the hand of parents and teachers, as they look up to us for guidance and support.

Win Their Hearts

Super Yoga Kids Instructor Course (SYKIC) was born from the understanding of this need to holistically enhance child development. We use fun presentation and dynamic techniques to capture the children’s interest while closely following the traditional yogic teachings.

Aspiring Instructions Will Learn

  • child psychology to facilitate emotional development
  • asanas (postures) to help children grow strong and healthy
  • pranayama (breathing techniques) to improve lung capacity and increase stamina
  • yoga nidra (deep relaxation) to provide deep rest and an introduction to meditation

Tools To Be An Expert

Instructors will also be taught accelerated yogic brain development programs for children to enhance the left and right brain functionings. Character building modules are part of the syllabus to help instructors understand children better.

Find Your True Self

On the whole, the instructor becomes steadier in handling children, gains a deep sense of satisfaction as they are involved directly in grooming a child and are blessed with lots of laughter and adorable beaming faces around them in class!

Pregnancy Yoga Instructor Course

our gift for mothers-to-be: Make pregnancy and childbirth a pleasing experience

Learn specialised interactive and therapeutic techniques to help mothers-to-be go through pregnancy and meet their crucial moment at the delivery ward with a clear mind, positive outlook, total confidence, dexterity and super inner as well as outer strength.

Dealing with pregnant women is like walking the razor’s edge. We need to execute caution and apply only appropriate movements and postures suitable for each unique case, depending on the mother’s health, psychological condition, stress level, emotional balance, etc. 
Utmost care and compassion has to be exercised at all times throughout the pregnancy period, up to a safe childbirth. 

According to doctors, the pain of childbirth is equivalent to breaking 20 bones simultaneously. One in seven women is said to habour negative feelings about childbirth. 
We all know of  women who have been jittery about labour pain or the process of giving birth.

Extreme fear of pregnancy/childbirth, or tokophobia, can land a mother and her offspring in an intense and damaging situation. Many opt for Caesarean sections due to this fear.

Imagine if you are in a position to help these mothers-to-be strengthen their resolve, ease their stress, alleviate their anxiety, relieve their pain, breath completely, have a very positive outlook and prepare them physically and mentally to have a celebrated childbirth.

It’s a hallowed experience for both teacher and student.

And it’s possible with our Pregnancy Yoga Instructor Course. 
We equip you with the tools and the knowledge to handle these women with the tender, loving, caring ways that they deserve.

Make the experience of pregnancy as beautiful as the relationship between a mother and baby is. Learn the highly effective skills to help moms-to-be focus on safe childbirth, relax, become stronger and have a great bonding with their unborn child. Learn to coach them all the way while nurturing the baby in the womb.

It’s a niche market with huge potential.

what you will learn:

• Overview and general understanding of pregnancy flow.
• General guidelines of yoga practices in pregnancy.
• Yoga asana for pregnancy.
• Yoga for the different stages of development.
• Pranayama (breathing techniques) during pregnancy.
• Relaxation and positive visualizations during pregnancy.
• Living well during pregnancy, labour & beyond.
• How to practice safety in pregnancy
• Pain management during labour
• Yoga for the delivery room
• Nutritional facts
• Anatomy and physiology of the pregnant body

Who should attend :

• Yoga instructors.
• Midwives.
• Ladies who are planning to have a family.
• Anyone interested in becoming pregnancy yoga instructor


“I find the course syllabus very informative and thorough as it covers everything from ante-natal to post-natal (even during labour as well!). There is so much to learn and the course was presented in an easy-to-understand manner. It definitely helps me in my profession as a midwife.” – Stephanie chan


“I decided to further my development as a yoga teacher by enrolling in Pregnancy Yoga Instructor Course (PYIC) as the certification woud widen my opportunity to conduct yoga lessons which are not just the conventional. Through the experience of teaching Pregnancy Yoga, I am reminded that pregnancy is a unique process for each woman. There is a new sharpening of my alertness and awareness when managing a Pregnancy Yoga group class and so much more skills to develop as a yoga teacher. I just love the continuation of learning more and more!

A deep sense of satisfaction comes to me easily in witnessing the progress of each pregnant student through the stages of carrying her baby, the closeness with each other during group sharing in class and applying the knowledge gained from PYIC training to guide each of them.

Both new and experienced yoga students are very cautious during pregnancy especially with the many taboos in our Asian culture on do’s and don’ts. Many also have the challenge of adapting to physiological changes due to hormaonal changes. There are some students who find themselves unusually stiff after becoming pregnant. I am glad to be able to coach and boost the confidence of these ladies by showing them safe ways to create more room for their baby while practicing yoga and creating a session that is comfortable and enjoyable all the way towards delivery. The improved circulation, flexibility and toning help relieve tensions, aches and tiredness and they always feel more balanced and energized after each practice” – Vivien Teoh


“Many women discover yoga when they are pregnant. I started yoga when I was 5 months pregnant with my frst son 7 years ago. Since I was new to yoga, it only took simple asanas, pranayama and meditation to feel completely relaxed and calm.

It was yoga all the way for me thereafter. So when I eas expecting my second son, it was only natural for me to dwell deeper into the works of pre-natal yoga. I felt this intense need to learn and teach pregnancy yoga. And what better way to experience it than when I am pregnant.

Pragnancy is a very important and delicate time for expectant mothers, pre-natal yoga is not only about fitness but guiding and caring for expectant mothers through 3 trimesters in a positive and loving environment. Hence allowing mother and baby to feel calm, centred, relaxed, cheerful and great looking!” – Subashini Nair

Pranayama (Breathing Techniques) Instructor/Practitioner Course (PBTIC)

By controlling the act of breathing you can efficiently control the various motions in the body and the different nerve-currents that are running through the body. The breath, directed by thought under the control of the will, is a vitalising, regenerating force which you can utilise consciously for self development and for healing diseases in your system.” – Swami Sivananda

The word ‘Pranayama’ is comprised of two root words: ‘prana’ and ‘ayama’. Prana means ‘vital energy’ or ‘life force’, (also known as ‘chi’ in Chinese and ‘ki’ in Japanese). Although its closely related to the air we breathe, it is more subtle than air or oxygen. The word ‘ayama’ means extension or expansion. Hence, ‘Pranayama’ can be translated to expansion of vital energy.

Pranayama should therefore not be considered as mere breathing exercise aimed at introducing extra oxygen into the lungs. 
Pranayama utilizes breathing to influence the flow of prana in the nadis(energy channels) of the pranayama kosha(energy body). The techniques of pranayama provide a method whereby the life force can be activated and regulated in order to go beyond one’s normal boundaries or limitations and attain a higher state of vibratory energy and awareness. 

A slow breathing rate has been proven to keep the heart stronger and better nourished, contributing to a longer life. Deep breathing also increases the absorption of energy and increased oxygenation – enhancing dynamism, vitality and general well being. 

Mudras are gestures and are also defined as a ‘seal’ or ‘short-cut’. Our vital energy is constantly being dissipated and lost to the outside world. By practising mudras, energy is re-directed within and conserved. Bandha means to ‘hold’ or ‘lock’. Bandhas aim to lock the prana in particular areas and redirect the flow to higher yogic practices. 

In this Pranayama Instructors / Practitioners Course, you will be taught total up to almost 100 types of pranayama techniques, mudras, and bandhas. Yoga Instructors will find this course very useful in your teaching as pranayama is an important part of authentic yoga. Practitioners will be able to practice the techniques confidently on their own for the various benefits they choose to master.

Through Pranayama :

• Improve health and heal disease
• Heighten concentration and mental focus
• Bestow joy, peace and happiness
• Awaken, balance and heal the chakras (energy centres)
• Increase energy, vitality and awareness
• Overcome insomnia and help break bad habits
•  Increase metabolism
• Achieve self-realization

What you will learn :

• Physiology and basic principles of pranayama (breathing)
• Mechanism of breathing
• Preparatory, primary, intermediate, and advanced practices of pranayama
• Pranayama and its healing potentials
• Asana based pranayama
• Therapeutic pranayama
• Additional and long lost pranayama techniques

Course Outline:


  • Introduction to Pranayama


  • Concept of Prana and Pranayama
  • Physiology of Pranayama
  • Genesis of Pranayama
  • Mechanics: What is Pranayama
  • How Pranayama offers therapeutic benefits
  • Rationale of Kumbhaka
  • Pranayama eulogized
  • Effects of Pranayama
  • Scientific Observations

Advanced Practice

  • Preparation for Advanced Practices in Pranayama
  • Dietery considerations
  • Yukta dn Ayukta Pranayama
  • Right Practice of Pranayama
  • Classification of Pranayama


  • Pranayama
  • Secret of Pranayama
  • Kumbhaka
  • Mudras & Bandhas Pranayama
  • Asana-based Pranayama
  • Therapeutic/Healing Pranayama

Dhyana (Meditation) Instructor/Practitioner Course (DMIC)

A complete and systematic Dhyana (Meditation) course that teaches you to explain the benefits of meditation to all levels of society. 
Learn systematic application of meditation. Learn the therapeutic application of meditation. 
Learn how to conduct a meditation class which is interesting, effective and appealing for the vast majority of the population. 

Be recognized as an expert in meditation, a very rare qualification in the scarce teaching niche. 
Understand the need for all levels of society to practice meditation therefore projecting meditation as a valuable and necessary practice

What you will learn :

• Basic principles of meditation.
• Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of meditation.
• Neurophysiological effects through meditation. 
• Science of meditation.
• Mechanism of meditation.
• Dimension of the mind.
• Effects of stress on health and productivity.
• Preparatory practices for meditation.
• Practices of dharana, dhyana and samadhi.
• Meditative asanas and mudras and its benefits.
• Various nature meditations.
• Management of meditation class.
• Physiology and basic principles of pranayama (breathing)
• Mechanism of breathing.
• Preparatory, primary, intermediate, and advanced practices of pranayama.
• Pranayama and its healing potentials.
• Asana based pranayama.
• Therapeutic pranayama.
• Additional and long lost pranayama techniques.

Course Outline:


  • Overview
  • What is Meditation

Benefits of Meditation

  • The Benefits of Meditation
  • How Does Meditation Work
  • Meditation and Thoughtless Awareness
  • Meditation: Rules for Practice

Science of Meditation

  • Meditation is a Science – Ancient Science
  • Dimensions of Mind
  • Meditation – Benefits and Brain Wave Changes
  • Research on Stress and Meditation
  • Research and Statistics on the Benefits of Meditation

Practise and Techniques of Meditation

  • Preparation for Meditation
  • Meditative Asanas
  • The Practice of Meditation
  • Techniques

Who should attend :

• Yoga instructors. 
• Those who are looking forward to  a more peaceful lifestyle.
• Life coach and health therapists.

What is Dhayana?

Secrets of Meditation by Master Manisekaran (Pt 1)

Secrets of Meditation by Master Manisekaran (Pt 2)

Secrets of Meditation by Master Manisekaran (Pt 3)

Yoga Therapist Certification Course (YTCC)

Yoga Therapy Certification Course (YTCC) is a complete and systematic yoga course that teaches yoga applications for various ailments to help ourselves as well as others improve on specific health conditions.

It is composed of a 80-hour training programme (Approved by Ministry of Education,Malaysia) and provides thorough theoretical and practical sessions with interesting role plays, creative modifications, real client consultations and yoga sessions. You will learn yoga applications with comprehensive illustrations, how to identify root cause of a problem, step wise management in using yoga to manage common ailments.

Yogic philosophy of health
Yogic Anatomy and Physiology
Different types of body constitution, its functions and the importance of balancing it
Useful Natural herbs and home remedies in combating common diseases
Science of Mudras in healing
Diet, food types and lifestyle and their relation to diseases.
Yogic management and prevention of various systems disorders
  • Adapting and applying yogic therapy tools to individual needs,including asana, shatkarma, pranayama, and relaxation techniques
  • Guidance on choosing different asana for different diseases
  • Proper usage of props for various health conditions
  • Importance of precision and alignment in restoring health
Basic anatomy and physiology of the human systems.
Different systems in the body and its normal functions
Common medical conditions and overview of modern medical treatments
X – ray reading skills and clinical blood results interpretations
Insight of physiotherapy and its role in Yoga Therapy
History taking, documentation and consultation skills
Yoga therapy regimen planning and execution
Consultation practical session with patient

Why should we encourage Yoga Therapy as a treatment approach?

  • It is drug free ,safe and promotes to tap into individual self – healing potential.
  • It intervenes at physical,psychological and emotional layers providing holistic healing.
  • Yoga therapy regimens are targeted to treat root cause and can be practiced alongside other treatments.
  • Supportive tools are used with therapeutic technique to deliver the desired effects efficiently and to boost client’s confidence.
  • It can be preventive, curative and complementary in its approach.
  • It offers gentle teachings to client with take home techniques which provides long lasting results.
  • Techniques are adapted according to individual need without compromising the originality embedded within each componen

Why should you become a Yoga Therapist?

Becoming a Yoga Therapist is a unique journey of experiencing and unfolding the life ahead.Here are some of the reasons why becoming a Yoga Therapist is one of the best decisions you can offer yourself:

  • The doorway to unlimited and never ending learning curve

Meeting people from various walks of life offers a great learning opportunity regarding different life styles,spectrum of challenges people face in various industries,health issues that commonly surface based on profession, psychological impacts on health and much more.The therapist can constantly improve on the techniques used and enhance the quality of therapy to match clients need from each feedback.The art of communication,observational skills and public relations are also greatly enhanced which helps to build better relationship with your clients.

  • Helps you understand your true potential and attain greater clarity in life.

Becoming a therapist means you prioritize your self practices in order to deliver the best and share life time experiences with your clients.The emphasis of self practice as a Yoga Therapist is high and this enables you to not just understand your mind,body and emotion but rather gain mastery over it.The inner healing potential is opened as the therapist dwells deeper in the line of service and healing.Inevitably all physical ailments and emotional sufferings will be removed from within allowing you to shine bright and spread positive vibrations where ever you are.

  • High job satisfaction

As a yoga therapist, you play the dual role of a teacher and healer all at once.There is nothing better in life than experiencing deep satisfaction from the job you do.Satisfactions arise as a result of witnessing clients improve tremendously from each therapy is immeasurable.Their improvements works to motivate you to deliver even more each time.

  • Substantial income

Yoga therapy industry is rampantly growing and its role in integrative healing is undeniable.Exposure on the hazards of external chemicals on the body in the long term has created a mass awareness on the need of taking charge of ones health in the most natural and holistic way. The importance of playing active role in combating disease by participating in a physical exercise or therapy has encouraged mass population to consider yoga therapy to heal themselves.Hence the source of potential income is vast and can only grow in time to come.

  • Become the healer of the family

Becoming a certified Yoga Therapist makes you rather popular among your circle of family and friends.You play an active role in spreading awareness on right way of living and healing.Building a close bond with your loved ones only adds to the joy of this profession.

Who should consider our programme to further enhance their career?

  • Professionals in nursing and health-care industry
  • (Doctors/Nurses/Occupational therapist/Physiotherapist/Gym trainers/Physical therapist and others)
  • Professionals who attend to children with special needs
  • Professionals working with the disabled group of people and tending to the special needs of the community
  • People who care for the elderly and in-firmed in orphanages and old folks home
  • School teachers
  • Yoga instructors who wants to specialize in therapeutic healing
  • Novices interested in understanding yoga as a form of therapy

Why must you consider YTCC at MAYI Yoga Academy

  • Approved by Ministry of Education,Malaysia
  • Integrated teaching comprised of Ayurveda,Yoga and Allopathy
  • Trained by well experienced therapist with expertise in Allopathy,Yoga and Ayurveda
  • Structured syllabus which emphasizes on both theoretical and practical approach
  • Great job opportunities at Yoga Therapy MAYI Yoga Academy upon certification
  • Personal coaching sessions for those who are keen to make Yoga Therapy as their career
  • Continuous learning and updates on Yoga Therapy
  • Coaching conducted at a convenient time

Ayurveda Massage Therapist Course

Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems. It is an indigenous natural health system of India that has been in existence nearly as long as yoga. While Ayurveda and Yoga are both concerned with spiritual health, the former is more focused on the physical aspect of it.

In this course, which is approved by the Ministry of Education, participants will learn authentic techniques involved in Ayurveda massage therapy. Almost 95% of this course is hands-on. Sessions are highly interactive and includes intensive coaching, practical, assignment, workshop,exposure with real clients and evaluation.

This 100-hour course runs over 5 consecutive days. 

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to: 

  1. Explain the principles of Ayurveda and ayurvedic lifestyle;
  2. Tri-Dosha theory ;
  3. Dhatus, Mala and Gunas ;
  4. Human anatomy ;
  5. Use ayurvedic equipments efficiently;
  6. Prepare oils, doughs, and bolus; and
  7. Perform the following: 

A What some therapist say, about this course…


Upon successful completion of the course, participants shall receive the Ayurveda Massage Therapist Course Certificate , approved by the Ministry of Education, together with the transcript.

Partner Yoga with Precision & Alignment Instructor Course

If you’ve already taken yoga instructor course and looking to enhance your skills and broaden your teaching experience, the Partner Yoga with Precision & Alignment Instructor Course is the next step, a natural progression.

We emphasise on the principles and philosophies of yoga and provide you with comprehensive guidelines to approach yoga with more mastery.

There’s a whole lot more to explore and completely different dimensions to experience as a partner yoga with precision and alignment instructor.

Yoga is about sharing and connecting, not only with yourself but also others. When shared, it heightens one’s sense of union and community.

If you are already an instructor, partner yoga with precision and alignment becomes an essential part of your lessons. The  excellent asanas learnt here will make your class more energetic and cheerful due to healthy interaction between the students. They promote understanding, deeper sharing and help students connect and grow not only in perfecting the postures but also their communication skills and confidence.
You will learn to synthesise and integrate the ancient, timeless wisdom with modern body/mind understanding, and apply it directly into your class structure — in ways that are relevant to our modern world and culture.
Precision and alignment activates strength, grace, balance and intelligence in each yoga posture. Discover this and teach others too!
The Partner Yoga with Precision & Alignment instructor Course is a yoga asana teaching enhancement course which is not the ends to the perfect asana. On the contrary, it is just the means towards one’s own perfection in one;s own asana teaching and practise…a perfection that no one else can experience but one self, by focusing on the principals of alignment in more details and more precisely.
Course Outline:
Exxperiential Anatomy
  • Getting to know your body through sensations
  • Principles of asana alignment
  • Developing a more precise awareness
Somatic Exploration
  • Bones – the pathway of weight (skull to feet, and arms to spine)
  • How muscles move bones to carry weight
3 Categories of Structural Body Alignment
  • Body reading
  • Collapsed, yielding, propped
  • Hypo and hyper extension
What is Resistance?
  • Sun and Moon energy interplay understanding partner roles)
  • Breath dynamics with partner
  • Exercises in partner – sensing, synchronisation, and communication
Foundation Partner Asana
  • Working with props as reparation
  • Partner movements and weight shifting
  • Practice with wisdom, creativity and compassion

Ashtanga Yoga Instructor Course - Primary Series

This specialised 40-hour training course blends hands-on exploration with theory, demonstration and anatomy to cultivate a deeper experience and understanding of foundation poses, hip-openers, forward bends, backbends, twists, arm balances and inversions.

Learn how to safely and intelligently adjust yoga poses using applied dynamic alignment principles.

An effective yoga adjustment communicates the dynamic energetic component of a pose through intuitive touch, helping awareness travel through the body and allowing the student to overcome mental and physical ‘knots’.

Giving good yoga adjustments is an ‘art’ which requires confidence, subtlety and an understanding of the mechanics of the body. Receiving an adjustment is just as important, as it teaches us trust, develops bodily awareness and requires both surrender and the confidence to say “NO”.

Course Outline

  • Dynamic Alignment principles for all foundation poses
  • The know-how of adjustments
  • Passive vs. active adjustments
  • How to spot and fix ‘release valves’ in poses
  • When to use verbal cuing vs. physical touch
  • The ethics of touch
  • Using safe body mechanics to adjust
  • How to balance your work and the receiver’s work
  • Learn how to adjust all these poses in Primary Series
  • How to avoid common injuries
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